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Rach and Dave

We engaged Brad for the sale of our home after dealing with and speaking to many different agents and realising that Brad was less “fanciful” and more realistic-speaking than many others. This manner was appreciated from the outset. We listed our home at the time the market started to dive and interest rates continuously increasing – probably the worst time you could list (and against Brad’s advice haha) – but with Brad’s guidance, we managed to sell our home many months later and at a really wonderful price. Had we have engaged in tactics that other agents suggested (such as majorly slashing the price to “meet the market”), then we would have ended up selling our home for a lot less than we did. Brad encouraged us to stay the path with our price guide (and slightly lower) and instead of slashing the price of our home to force a faster sale, the right buyer ended up visiting and a few months later purchasing within the range we were happy with. Brad’s encouragement that it was a buyer’s market and that we just had to be patient was correct – because the purchaser had been through many months before and wasn’t in a hurry to buy. Anyway, long story short: We used Brad to sell our home and we’re very happy with the outcome! Thanks Brad.

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